GWGlobal is a non-profit organisation that works directly with communities to transform cities. We comprise of leaders who have fulfilled varied roles throughout the world in areas such as the law, academia, economic strategy, business, volunteer organisations, the legislature and faith communities.

Together we help cities overcome their challenges and progress equality of opportunity and economic development. We desire to see cities productively and effectively overcoming the challenges they face while helping them move forward socially and economically.

Our work includes comprehensive socio-economic and demographic analyses, equipping city leaders in transformational leadership and working with them on the ‘end game’ and priorities to get there. Trust and confidence building creates partnerships upon which we can move forward. It is intensive, and we undertake this at many levels; community service leaders, civic leaders, City, State and National Elected Representatives, government departments, local authorities, business and faith leaders.

We develop strong relationships and alignment with those who have decision-making ability, authority and access to the necessary resources. The breadth and experience of our team enables us to do this.

City transformation is no quick fix.

Each city has its individual and unique set of challenges. The work takes time and patience and can span several years as has indeed been the case with our work in Huntington, WV.

Huntington is seeing great results that relate to their unique, specific challenges with having been the centre of the opioid epidemic and subsequently having had high levels of violent crime.  Overdoses have declined dramatically, and violent crime is reducing significantly. Business investment is starting again, and investment in economic development is underway.

Our funding comes from philanthropic contributions as well as donations from those who desire to see their city, and other cities on a global scale, transformed,  and overcoming their challenges in moving forward. 

At GWGlobal, we make sure everyone is engaged and pulling in the same direction toward a united end goal.