Steve Williams – Mayor Huntington WV

GWGlobal has been instrumental in working alongside me, in bringing our community together, developing the Huntington narrative and establishing our strategic priorities that are taking our city forward socially and economically.

In 2014 we became aware of the frightening effects of the growing opioid epidemic. As I became overwhelmed by the enormity of the problem, I became frustrated in the hopelessness that enveloped everyone. I was surprised that even people of faith seemed to be resigned to the fact there was “no silver bullet.” Everyone was well meaning. But there was a hopeless air to those who were active in the prevention and recovery process.

Sadly in the ensuing three years, the epidemic worsened in our city and throughout the nation.

 With GWGlobal by our side, our city, our businesses, our residents, our school system, our university, our hospitals, our entire community found that each had an assignment that required their participation in our efforts. The overdoses continued. The deaths continued to rise. We did not give up. We kept working, hoping and praying.

In 2018, we started seeing trends that had not been experienced around the nation. Overdoses began to decline. Deaths declined. Violent crime and property crime began to decline.

Our city began to receive visitors from around the nation and around the world. The US Surgeon General, the Director of the US Center for Disease Control, the Director of the National Office of Drug Control Policy, and the Ambassador of Great Britain to the United States all visited Huntington in separate visits to learn how our city organized ourselves to fight this awful epidemic.

Steve Williams – Mayor Huntington WV